R.R.I. is a painter, illustrator, and tattoo artist based in Montréal from Belgrade, Serbia. His work spans a range from dark expressionism and painterly montage to pop illustration, often mining the fantastic, bizarre, dark and playful aspects of childhood, animal spirits, uncanny characters, monsters and unclassifiable creatures with a deep sense of enchantment, oddity, outsiderness, and pathos. He studied at the Academy of Fine Arts at the University of Belgrade, with a specialization in painting. He has shown work in both solo and group exhibitions and through illustrations in children’s books and album art for such bands as Di Nigunim and The Thief’s Lineage (Blood-Stained Cuffs).
inspiration:  to observe and to inhale everyday situations. fascinated with people's abilities to change shape and the emotions that take over and become something physical, leaving a story. seeking for primal attributes and often stepping into that other sphere of innocence and purity of nature. walking between two worlds, of good and bad monsters.

Contact : circusorabbit(at)